My passion for Photography ignited

when I received a Leica R7 from my Father 

After working in some of the best Restaurants as a Gourmet Chef in Europe I quit my work at the ” Schwarzer Hahn” at the “Deidesheimer Hof” to travel on a Bicycle across the USA.

Starting off from San Francisco together with a friend I finished the Journey three month later in Miami Beach after having done briefly 3500 Miles on a bicycle. 

After a short stop back Home in Salzburg  I was off to South Africa again, taking on employment on a Wine Farm near De Rust. Following my first passion I started a Restaurant 1994 in Oudtshoorn which was very successful thanks to the booming Tourism and some very hard work.

What started out as a creative Hobby to practice and develop my photography skills, my Hobby soon turned into a thriving business. With support and encouragement from friends, I turned my  Photography into a beautiful art and in 2014 we opened our first Gallery at Montague House an Historic Ostrich Feather Palace where my work is on display and available for purchase.Over the Years my work found a lot of followers and can now be fond in many homes all over the world.

Having traveled to many Countries and Continents since, nothing comes close to my Love for Africa. It still resounds deep within me and being in the African Bush and sitting under a Baobab Tree around a camp fire with nothing in the close proximity of 100 Km than some good friends telling stories and listening to the sounds of wild Animals. Freedom starts where wild Lions and Elephants as well as all the other fantastic animals can roam freely without fences.

Having done mainly Portraiture work of African woman over the last years my focus is now primerely on African Wildlife.

My photographs are all testament to a deep-rooted reverence for our natural world and my beloved Africa as I see the world around me through the Lens of my camera!

Adventure, passion, travel…

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